One Hour – Jet Ski Dolphin Watch Tour

Per Jet Ski
Additional Rider

Our experienced guides know where to find the dolphins! Some experience recommended on the 1hr tour.

Dolphin sightings guaranteed

If no dolphins are sighted on the jet ski ride, you receive a voucher to ride one of our dolphin cruise boats.

North Myrtle Beach – 1 Hr. Dolphin Tour (some experience necessary for the 1hr tour)

  • Drivers must be 16 years old with valid ID to drive alone, any age can ride or drive as long as there is an adult (18) onboard.
  • One of our experienced and courteous guides leads you on a beautiful trip along the Intracoastal waterway past some of the barrier islands on the way to the ocean.
  • Conditions permitting, the next part of our one-hour jet ski dolphin watch tour is where we travel into the ocean on our search to find dolphins. (Our marina provides you with the closest distance to the ocean and the fastest access to the barrier islands in the Myrtle Beach area.)
  • This is the most exciting part of the jet ski tour as our guides try to get you up-close to our favorite marine mammals.
  • If you ride very slow, we will not be able to get out to the ocean, see dolphin, and be back in 1 hour.  In that case the 2hr tour is recommended.