Your Guide to Adventure tour is an all-inclusive 1/2 day deal (4 hours) for the ultimate island experience!

(1) Pontoon Boat (holds 10-12 people)
(2) Jet Skis
& Your own Personal Tour Guide (on a separate jet ski)

First, your personal guide will assist your family with the pontoon boat, showing you the best spot to anchor your boat on Bird Island. Once your guide has your boat safely anchored, it’s jet ski time!!

Your guide will then lead the jet skis on a tour of a lifetime. First, an exciting dolphin watch and ocean riding excursion then a thrilling high speed ride that twists & turns through the beautiful salt marshes of North & South Carolina.

We are the only company to offer this type of package plus the experience of having your own personal guide will enhance your vacation like no other. Package available from 1-5 PM.


“This was absolutely without a doubt the highlight of our vacation!  Our guide, Ronnie, really showed our family a great time.  Having a locals knowledge of the waters to plan our day made all the difference.   There’s no way we would have been able to go all the places we went on our own.  It far exceeded our expectations, we’ll definately be back next year.  Thanks again Ronnie”

Aug.15, 2013   The Bush Family  – Latrobe, PA

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